The Parks of Hachioji: Part 1


In West Tokyo, there are not only many different towns that are sprawled across the landscape filling the space between Fuji and Tokyo, but many of them are very unique neighborhoods. You have Nakano which has a mall that contains so many nerdy collectibles that it is often called the secret Akihabara. Koenji is not far from Nakano which is a neighborhood full of thrift stores and boutiques with hipster-esque coffee shops.

Further out, we have Hachioji. Hachioji is actually quite large and most of the area is not conveniently accessible by train. It has great shopping malls and plenty of culinary options — but these are all near the station. Most of the city is actually pretty quiet full of residential areas, parks and schools. In addition, the city also has tons of hot spots for paranormal energy — more than any other city in west Tokyo. Hachioji also has an area of 72 square miles, making it the largest city in west Tokyo with a population of over half a million.

I teamed up again with my friend Merry who records our excursions which you can find on her channel here. With her behind the wheel, we headed to a few spots I had done some research on on the internet. It had already gotten dark and it was a beautiful night; it wasn’t too cold or windy. There were many parks in Hachioji that were considered haunted (as well as tunnels, bridges, and more…) but we narrowed it down to just a couple for our first trip.

The first location was Yarimizu park and it is rumored that a professor murdered a student he was having an affair with back in 1973 and buried her somewhere in the area. Depending on who you ask, the area of the incident differs but many will agree upon Yarimizu park because of what goes on around the bathrooms. Evidently, a woman’s voice and cries can be heard near the bathrooms (in particularly the women’s) so for many this must be the victim of the merciless professor.


While we didn’t hear or see anything, we did find the bathroom to be creepy. It is always open with the lights on even in the middle of the night. I guess that was convenient for us and anyone else who might go off to venture into the park at that time. The most curious item we found was this poster inside the men’s bathroom stall. Anyone care to make sense of what it was, or why it was there? We didn’t have a clue.

After that, we head over to Kamiyugi Park where a string of suicides took place in the early 2000s. Not much is known about what else had occurred in the park and depending on which investigators you ask spirit activity runs from low to very high. Kamiyugi is a very large park that contains a baseball stadium, tennis court, a small bridge and a parking lot. We walked at least half of it and took some shots. My favorite spot had to be the bridge, where I felt the most unease. I wondered if anyone had possibly jumped from this bridge?


There isn’t much more to report besides that. For our next venture to more parks in Hachioji, we have a few on the list with a bit more story to them that will hopefully prove to be even more interesting.


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